Lab Results Troubleshooting

Diagnostic testing laboratories are an essential component of healthcare systems. They aid in disease diagnosis, monitoring patient health, and guiding treatment decisions.

The complexities involved in laboratory testing make it necessary to have experts in laboratory medicine bridge the gap between the laboratory and clinical teams in solving diagnostic conundrums. As lab professionals at Lab-2-Doctors, through our services, we provide complementary targeted support to the clinical team in various ways, some of which include providing guidance on appropriate lab test ordering practices and making ourselves available for questions originating from clinical laboratory test results. For our clinical teams who use our complementary lab results support services, we eliminate the confusion of having to deal with the lack of clarity in the roles of the different laboratory professionals or locating the individual who was on duty when the sample in question was tested.

Past Performance

Mobile phlebotomy services

Most clinical lab errors, i.e., 46-68%, occur in the preanalytical phase of testing, which includes the process of sample collection.
Through the expert P2P team approach at Lab-2-Doctors, our certified phlebotomists with years of experience perform their duties while in close communication with seasoned assay validation experts (scientists) who are knowledgeable in designing, optimizing, and validating laboratory tests used for various purposes such as diagnosing diseases, measuring drug concentrations, or assessing the quality of samples in clinical settings. This team approach enables us to identify and eliminate potential sources of errors in lab results before the samples are collected for testing.